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Discover the entire process of lighting and post-production for products. Learn how to control all of the aspects in a creative approach to lighting together with our team at Time Lab Studio. TimeLab Facebook Event An object will be displayed for lighting. – Clear, coherent explanation for every step in details. – Accessories, screens. – ProFoto lighting equipment. – Digital medium format Mamiya camera. Once the object is captured, the original set will be removed and you will be required to create a new one with the assistance of our team. The final capture will be processed in the Capture One 8 program. There will be a direct post-production for enabling a more professional result .   Level: medium / advanced   Duration 4:30h 9:30- 14:00     Watch the complete workshop process here!

  TimeLab Facebook Event C/Llull 48 6-2 08005 Barcelona L4 L1 metro Price 55€